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REQUEST A QUOTE- For a free quote, we just need to know the number of patches you need, the size needed, and how many thread colors needed in your patch. We also need to know what type of backing you need. The choices are: Twill (Basic Backing) Iron On, Velcro (one side or two sided) adhesive, or magnetic.                           Submit this information in the box below

​​Welcome to Color N Design Custom Embroidered Patches

Our mission is to provide the best service possible along with the finest embroidered patches around. Color N Design patches are made of the highest quality materials the industry has to offer. Our custom patches can be used for any number of applications including: First Response Uniform Requirements, Scout Emblem, Military Unit Emblems, Martial Arts, Organized Sports, Corporate Awareness, Brand Identity, Award and Recognition as well as any number of other uses. Our low cost and high attention to detail ensure satisfied return customers.

Once you have given us the image you need on the patches, an image of your Sample patch will be emailed to you within 3-5 business day for approval. Once your design has been approved for quality of image and accuracy of content, your patches will be manufactured and shipped to your location  within 3-4 weeks.